Proludio is for:

Built for independent theaters and film exhibitors, Proludio is a subscription-based film delivery service that can be paired with any digital projector of your choice—whether or not it meets DCI requirements.

  • Easy-to-use combination of hardware and custom software
  • Fully integrated with in-house systems and automation
  • Flat, monthly per-screen fee with no additional charges

Save money over traditional DCP or Blu-ray delivery while having peace of mind with verified feature and key deliveries.

  • Playback media created from a variety of master formats
  • Fast, cost-effective digital film and trailer delivery platform
  • Encrypted movies delivered securely via high-speed Internet

Looking to self-distribute? Reach a new variety of audiences. Cut deliverable fees and save on post-production costs.

  • Eliminate DCP mastering headaches and cost
  • Digital playback files prepared in-house from a variety of master formats
  • Significantly more reliable than Blu-ray

Multi-venue media mastering, QC, and delivery solutions. Complete playback support for your entire festival.

  • Streamline media storage, playback, and delivery
  • The easiest and most hassle-free festival playback available
  • Digital playback files prepared and QC’d in-house from a variety of master formats
Portland Film Festival 2015

Proludio News

Proludio supports 2015 Portland Film Festival

The 2015 Portland Film Festival will be screening at 6 venues throughout the Portland area, and Proludio will be providing all media encoding and playback support for the run of the festival from September 1st through September 7th.