What is Proludio?

Proludio is a subscription-based film delivery platform that can be paired with any digital projector of your choice.


As exhibitors ourselves, our theaters needed a cost effective digital alternative—so we built it.

Proludio was created by Living Room Theaters as an alternative response to costly exhibition standards set by the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI). The development of custom software and a combination of computer hardware has allowed Living Room Theaters to continue to screen first-run Independent films without having to purchase the expensive equipment DCI requires.

Proludio is for:

Exceptionally easy to use, Proludio can integrate with lighting/house automation, and can be programmed to run a fully automated schedule of all your pre-show, trailers, and feature content. Best of all, you can use your choice of digital projector that suits your particular financial situation including projectors that do not need to meet DCI requirements.

The Proludio System

The Proludio System

Save money over traditional DCP or Blu-ray delivery while gaining access to theaters who may not have all of their screens converted from 35mm.

The Mastering Process

The Mastering Process

You can reach a variety of new audiences through our network of theaters. Proludio creates and QC’s the playback files from a variety of master sources eliminating costly DCP mastering and reducing theatrical delivery costs. You can also provide behind the scenes featurettes, exclusive interviews and more to participating theaters.

"Proludio is an extremely detail-driven and professional operation. My film looked and sounded amazing. I will definitely use them for my future projects.”
~ Brian Padian, director THE BLACK SEA

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We provide multi-venue media delivery solutions with fully automatable playback for your entire program. Proludio can handle all media acquisition with playback file preparation completed in-house. You’ll have peace of mind because all your titles will have been QC’d before you sell a single ticket.

I was fortunate enough to meet Steve Herring and the people at Proludio, during my second season as the Artistic Director of The Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival. Larry FerberThey contacted each distributor of 30 plus films and put together a flawless package that turned the festival from a series of botched films; missing subtitles, films stopping in the middle, to some not starting at all; into flawless viewing experience for the Palm Beach Jewish Community.
~ Larry Ferber, Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival

Digital exhibition formats keep changing and it has become hard for us to exhibit and not experience problems. Adam Howell Proludio has not only provided a stable platform that gives the audience a quality experience, but the staff at Proludio go above and beyond to make sure our festivals are nothing short of flawless.
~ Adam Howell, Heartland Film Festival

  • Cost Effective

    Our playback system is leased at a low flat-rate monthly fee per screen with no additional percentages or hidden costs. Match it with the digital projector of your choice, and you are ready to go. If you have a multiplex, the costs per screen decreases as you add additional screens at each location.

  • Free Upgrades Over Time

    Digital technology is continually evolving and requires continuous investments and upgrades. With our simple monthly lease model, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that new capabilities will automatically be made available and incorporated into the system at no extra charge.

  • Established Network of Distributors and Theaters

    Nearly every independent distributor uses Proludio to deliver and exhibit their films. You keep your existing relationship with your booking/distribution partners while gaining the advantages of reliable digital delivery and playback. As an exhibitor ourselves, we made sure our system was designed to meet the needs of the cinema operator.